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Why These Green Medicines Are So Vital To Your Health:

The REMEDY series shows you how you can use simple herbs to treat, manage and even reverse:

And so much more…
Green Medicine Is Also The Future of Preventative Healthcare…
It is about becoming so healthy, so resilient, so full of vitality that you never get sick in the first place.

This Lost Way Of Healing Is Proven To Reverse Chronic Disease.

Scientists are now seeing that herbal medicine holds the key to everything from never getting sick during flu season to reversing heart disease and even cancer.These plants have been growing alongside us since the beginning of time – and their unique chemistry – have adapted to help us defeat any illness.

This is the way forward.

There has never been an interactive collection of green medicine wisdom gathered in one place. Until now

The combined knowledge of the experts featured in Remedy is an education like none other.

You get hundreds of years of combined experience from the world’s greatest herbalists, doctors, naturopaths and healers – all distilled into one easy-to-understand resource for you watch, and rewatch, any time you want.

Remedy is virtual education in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, and Earth-Based Medicine all in one life-changing package.

And now you can put bring these powerful ancient remedies into your life – and the lives of your loved ones.

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REMEDY: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness

Episode 1: The Quest For Lost Medicine

Episode 2: The Invisible Seeds of Disease – Stress and Anxiety

Episode 3: Healing Your Immune System and The Miracle of the Microbiome

Episode 4: Higher Cognitive Function: How to Sharpen Memory, Clarity, and Focus

Episode 5: The Silent Epidemic: Lyme Disease

Episode 6: Healthy Hearts and Happy Minds: Solving Cardiovascular Disease and Depression

Episode 7: Raising Your Energy Reserves, Getting Better Sleep and Preventing Fatigue

Episode 8: Cancer: Reversing The Most Dreaded Disease Of Our Time

Episode 9: Intimate Connections: Hormones, Sex, and Reproductive Health

Packed with insight after insight on how to optimize your life with natural medicine, REMEDY offers the keys to unlocking robust and long lasting health.

Complete, Easy To Read Transcriptions of Every Episode

Read through all the healing remedies contained in each episode and hone in on the particular green medicine that you or a loved one needs right now.

A great way to get the proper names of the herbs, formulas and technical terms that you discover in each section.

Audio MP3s Of Each Episode

Take this herbal knowledge with you – listen to full episodes on any device, no matter where you are… on the morning commute… while you’re exercising… or just relaxing on the couch with your headphones on.

We’ve made it easy to access this goldmine of personal health empowerment on any device, no matter where you are.

Exclusive Bonuses:


5 Herb Preparations Video Tutorial with Nick

Making herbal preparations is when all this theoretical knowledge becomes yours.
Learning to make these essential formulas gives you the skills and tools you need to bring this Ancient Medicine into your life.

You don’t need overpriced products with flashy logos. You don’t need celebrity endorsements.

All you need are the right herbs and a few simple techniques. That’s all it takes and you can have an entire herbal pharmacy right in your own home.

Working with the plants directly is what brings the connection to green medicine into your life. This is when Ancient Medicines come alive… when ancestral human wisdom becomes yours.


Live Q&A With Tieraona Low Dog, MD

In these 9 episodes, we covered a HUGE amount of knowledge in a very short.

Over the course of the last two weeks we’ve been getting a LOT of questions from people…

We know you want to go deeper, so we’ve arranged an exclusive LIVE Q&A Session with one of our favorite guest experts, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog.

This is your opportunity to ask those burning questions, get clarity on confusing parts, and deep dive into your favorite topics with the expert himself.

You won’t want to miss the gems of knowledge this Q&A session will uncover!


Live Q&A With Rosemary Gladstar

There are many perspectives within Green Medicine. Two different experts may have very different approaches to the same problem.

So, to give you another perspective and more chances to get your questions answered by the best in the world, we added a second session with Rosemary Gladstar.

You are going to love this fully interactive, live Q&A session.


Herbs For Women’s Health with Rosita Arvigo

Traditionally in most cultures, herbal and healing wisdom is held and transmitted by women.

Our ancient ancestral grandmothers learned how to use herbs to treat every aspect of women’s health.

In this bonus video, you will learn nature’s secrets to women’s health directly from Rosita Arvigo. Rosita is a rare woman, trained both as a naturopath and in traditional Mayan healing methods.

She has a vast knowledge not only of herbs, but also other physical and spiritual techniques dealing women’s health concerns.

You will discover remedies for everything from issues with menstruation, cramps, fertility, menopause, and more…


8 Anti-Aging Herbs for Radiant Beauty eBook

Before the petrochemical industry took over cosmetics, plants were a prized source of beauty enhancement.

From Cleopatra to Queen Sheba and the Empresses of Ancient China, herbs are at the center to the world’s most reliable beauty secrets

In this ebook, you’ll discover the 8 most versatile herbs for an ageless face, soft, supple skin, luxurious, thick hair, and enhancing your natural radiant glow.

And all without toxic chemicals or brutal animal testing.

This ebook is your guide to beauty-enhancing magic, the way nature intended.


Mother Nature's’ Most Potent Anti-Cancer Herbs eBook

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 men will get cancer at some point in their life. For women, it jumps up to a shocking 1 in 2.

This is a deadly serious problem. The chances that your life will be touched by someone with cancer is overwhelming.

Western approaches have their value, but the best health outcomes use a combined approach.

One that uses Green Medicine to nourish and nurture the body and protect it from the harmful side effects of the more aggressive western approaches.

In this Bonus eBook, you will discover the best mother nature has to offer for healing cancer and making a complete recovery.


8 Breakthrough Herbs for Pain eBook

There is one thing we all dread from childhood to adulthood – physical PAIN. Now, there are some pharmaceutical drugs that can help alleviate pain – but sometimes the cost to our the health of our organs is extremely high.

And get this – one of the most effective pain drugs on the market – aspirin -was derived from the bark of the white willow tree… This is just one of the many herbs that are remarkable at treating pain, as you’re about to discover.

In this powerful eBook, we will show you 8 remarkable pain herbs for treating everything from headaches to arthritis to the kind of pain that can arise from more serious internal illnesses.


How to Wild Harvest Your Own Herbs Video Tutorial

The most meaningful and ethereal benefit of Green Medicine is about connection. The connection it creates between you and the earth.

Learning to Wild Harvest your own herbs is a transformative experience.

The woods are longer mass of random plants that all look the same.

It becomes a neighborhood.

The plants become individuals with their own unique gifts and lessons. Your relationship to the natural world is forever changed.

Your experience of the Earth becomes more intimate. More personal. More meaningful. More subtly beautiful as you learn to distinguish the wonderful community of plants waiting to be discovered by you… right where you live.

AND, if that weren’t reason enough…
Wild herbs are much richer in medicinal compounds that make a difference in your health.

In this video, you will go on a wild harvesting journey with our good friend Vitalis, as you discover the ins and outs of wild harvesting your own herbs


Intro to Medicinal Foods Video

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”
-Hippocrates, founder of western medicine

Our ancestors didn’t limit “medicine” to special herbs and roots.

They knew that food has an essential role in health and healing.

In this eye-opening bonus video, we reveal medicinal uses of everyday foods you can find at your grocery store.

You’ll discover remedies to combat many of the most common illnesses (and even some of the big scary ones)

This is essential knowledge for anyone who wants to integrate Green Medicine into their daily lives. And it’s all yours FREE with your purchase of the Remedy docuseries.


Flower Essences Video with Katie Hess

There are more than 400,000 species of flowering plant in the world and flower essence master, Katie Hess, believes that each of us has a flower that is best suited to our unique persona and physique.

In this special video, we explore how flower essences can come to our aid on both a physical and energetic level.

Ask the Experts

In these 9 episodes, we covered a HUGE amount of knowledge in a very short time… and we’ve been getting a LOT of questions from people… We know you want to go deeper, so we’ve arranged an Exclusive Q&A Session with two of our favorite guest experts, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and Rosemary Gladstar.

This is your opportunity to ask those burning questions, get clarity on confusing parts, and deep dive into your favorite topics with the experts. You won‘t want to miss the gems of knowledge these Q&A sessions will uncover!

Purchase any of our exclusive packages and you’ll get an invite link to TWO Private Q & A Sessions each with one of these illustrious doctors. 

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog
Rosemary Gladstar

Learn From The Top Natural Health Experts In The World...

Over 50+ doctors, scientists, researchers, investigative journalists, and patients were consulted and interviewed to bring you REMEDY: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness.

And these celebrated herbalists, doctors, healers and scientists will show you a whole new world of natural health that will change your life.

Here are just some of the incredible experts you will meet:

Rosemary Gladstar

Daniel Vitalis

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Dr. Robert Rountree




Pedram Shojai

Susanna Raeven

Stephen Harrod Buhner

Pam Montgomery

K.P. SINGH Khalsa

Katie hess

Dr. Li Xin ZHANG

Genna Wolkon

Rebecca Luna

Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin

DR. Monica Lucero

Dr. Lise alschuler

Dr. Patrick FrateLlOne

Dr. Christine Cannon

Dr. michael balick

Ashéninka mino

sa'bura goodban

richard mandelbaum

During the launch, the episodes are available at no charge.


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The REMEDY Docuseries...

We bring YOU the most up-to-date research and information about healing now and maintaining your day to day health for the years to come.

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Herbalism has been a primary form of medicine throughout much of human history. Why? Because it works.

Although Western medicine classifies herbalism as “alternative medicine,” plant-derived compounds form the basis of many of the most respected modern pharmaceuticals.

But, while pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous and prohibitively expensive for much of the world’s population, medicinal herbs and supplements are safe, powerful and only a fraction of the cost.

And while modern methods are often only covering up symptoms, the natural methods featured in Remedy go after the root cause and heal the issue for good.

This is something that starts in our circles of family and friends. It begins with people like YOU taking your power back and filling your mind with REAL healing knowledge.

This is at the core of Remedy: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness.

Plant-based medicines are vital to the health of every single one of us. And this is the ultimate guide. And remember… the green medicine revolution will not be televised.

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